Cocky Rookie Gets Anal Cream-Pied

Reed Jameson is a bit too cocky for a rookie professional athlete and PR manager, Venus Lux, is at her wit’s end. She’s tried to coach him with numerous methods, but none of them seem to keep this guy’s big mouth shut. She decides to shut him up by giving him something else to put […]

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Talk Show Tyra Goes Real Life


Tyra Scott Madam of the AM airways, is giving out sex positive advise to her fans. Alex is long time fan and regular caller on her show. They’ve got some chemistry going even though they have never met. Tonight they take their usual phone sex call all the way and agree to meet. Alex is […]

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Sucking Sofia

Sofia seduces the sound guy during rehearsal for her big opening night stage show. She throws him down on to the stage and before his hard cock can bulge against his pants, she has her mouth around it, sucking him off and making him feel like he’s hit the jack pot. But everyone knows a […]

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Yasmin Cums!


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Sucking Siblings


Aubrey’s new the creepy stepbrother, Kam is constantly making passes at her. She fights off his advances pretending to be grossed out by the idea of fucking him. The tension mounts as they both get closer and closer to doing what is taboo. Both their cocks swell and tingle as they slip closer and closer […]

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Three’s Company


Beretta is in the middle of her FuckingMachines shoot when her jealous boyfriend bursts on to set. Everyone is ready to punch this guy out of the building but Beretta manages to calm everyone down and get her man, quietly off set. She makes him wait in the set next door until she is done. […]

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A Cock in the Woods.


It’s just a nice trip up to the woods for this couple Toya and Jason Miller, but something’s a little off and Jason doesn’t notice anything while he’s sleep. However, the spirits in the cabin take Toya over and transform her into a super human with a big thick cock! Watch Toya Fuck Her Boyfriend […]

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The League of Extraordinary Transsexuals – The Final Cum.


If you missed the last two episodes in this feature you don’t want to miss the last. Fernanda Zocal our TS du jour lets her prize sit in the cellar cold. His balls are blue and he’s confused having been denies. Max is finally is pulled out of the cellars by his tied up, aching […]

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Taking Danni Daniel’s Cock


  Danni Daniels seduces a tall muscular bouncer and gets him to submit himself to her giant cock! She shoves her nice thick dick down his throat, making him gag and choke until her cock is nice in wet. After working his mouth it is time to work his ass! She lays him down and […]

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Queen TS Yasmin Lee


  Yasmin Lee is back on TS Seduction and ready to fuck some tight ass! She seduces an unsuspecting hunk, giving him a raging boner when she shows him pictures of chicks with dicks. She tests his pain tolerance, making ┬áhim right on her massive, rock hard cock before taking him down and riding him […]

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